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Houston Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Financing

A portion of the services offered at OPST focuses on the treatment of functional conditions. Generally speaking, this includes those disorders that can cause some impairment of a person’s normal, daily function (i.e. vision loss, restricted eye movements, significant pain, cancer, uncontrollable tearing, etc.). A personal consultation with the doctor and a complete disclosure of medical history are necessary for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of such conditions.

In many cases, your insurance carrier will evaluate the “medical necessity” of treating your condition, and thus determine your financial responsibility. These determinations are usually based on our gathered data which may include the examination from your office visit, photos, additional testing, and the referral from your primary care physician.

Your diagnosis and exam results will be reviewed by the doctor at the time of your visit, and if deemed medically necessary, then we will help you to file with your insurance carrier. Please bring your current insurance information and a valid photo ID with you on your first visit to our office.

If your treatment goals are more cosmetic in nature, and not necessarily causing a functional impairment, then we will advise you on your personal investment in detail. We accept cash, all major credit cards, personal checks with a valid driver’s license, and CareCredit.

CareCredit is a personal line of credit for healthcare treatments and procedures for your entire family. It works like a credit card but it has two advantages. It can only be used for healthcare services and you can get No Interest (terms & conditions apply) financing every time you use it. Simply pay your minimum monthly payment and pay off the entire balance by the end of your promotional period and you pay No Interest. If you need more time to pay for your procedure, you can take advantage of one of the extended payment plans with low, fixed interest rates.