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Leg Veins Becoming a Problem?

We all know what Spider Veins are, as many as up to 60% of us have them. They are those little red, purple and blue twisting veins often visible through your skin, making many people feel self-conscience. The little buggers generally sneak into sight on the legs and face, making them even more noticeable.

Why do we get them? There are a number of factors that dictate whether or not a person develops them. Some of these factors include heredity, occupations which require standing for extended periods of time and hormonal changes due to taking birth control, being pregnant or menopausal.

How do you treat them? One way is through the cutting edge technology of the Yag Laser. The Yag Laser has many great uses and is used in Eye Surgery, Oncology (to remove skin cancers), Dentistry, Gynecology as well as several kinds of cosmetic treatments such as hair removal and, of course, in the treatment of Spider Veins.

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