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Dr. Marc Longo - Houston Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

I am a native Houstonian, born and raised in town, and I attended St. Thomas High School here in Houston. Additionally, I received a great deal of my training in the nearby, internationally-recognized Texas Medical Center. I consider myself a Longhorn through and through as I completed my undergraduate studies at The University of Texas (UT) in Austin, followed by my graduate medical degree from The University of Texas Medical School at Houston (UTMSH) in the Texas Medical Center.

My internship in Internal Medicine was served at Baylor University in Dallas. Afterwards, I returned to Houston for my residency in General Ophthalmology, where I studied the diagnosis and management of, as well as surgery for diseases of the eye and surrounding tissues. Upon completion, I then returned to Dallas for fellowship training in order to focus my attention and energy on the highly specialized field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Eyelids and Ocular Adnexa (surrounding tissues).

While in my first year of practice, I completed additional training with some of the finest specialists in the country. This included Dr. Bob Levine for the implantation of facial springs, Dr. Nicanor Isse in Burbank, CA for endoscopic brow lifting and upper facial surgery, Dr. Sterling Baker in Oklahoma City, OK for laser training (he published some of the original articles on laser surgery of the eyelids and face), and Dr. Steve Mulholland in Toronto, one of the pioneers of the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser and facial contouring with filler injections.

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons of Texas (OPST) is my private practice, a state-of-the-art facility created with you, the patient, in mind first and foremost. I regularly attend several continuing medical education meetings each year, and actively read numerous medical journals every month to stay currently advised. After receiving Board Certification from the American Board of Ophthalmology in 1998, I was accepted as a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons in 1999. As an active member of various medical organizations, I participate in continuing medical education through both the Texas and Houston Ophthalmological Societies, Harris County Medical Society, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. I also give lectures in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery annually through The University of Texas at Houston Department of Ophthalmology, and I find great enjoyment in teaching my craft to many of the physicians-in-training who work there.



    Saint Thomas High School – (08-1-1977 – 05-31-1981)

      Houston, Texas
      Class Rank: 10 of 200
      St. Thomas Club GPA (3.6+) 4 semesters
      Deans’ List (GPA 3.3+) 4 semesters
      Graduation with Honors

    University of Texas at Austin – (09-01-1981 – 05-31-1986)

      Austin, Texas
      Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
      Minor in Biological Sciences
      Dean’s List 5 Semesters
      Graduation with Honors

    University of Texas Medical School at Houston – (09-01-1986 – 05-31-1990)

      Houston, Texas
      Passed National Boards, Parts I, II, and Flex
      Diploma received 5-90

    Baylor University Medical Center – (07-01-1990 – 06-31-1991)                      

      Dallas, Texas
      Internship in Internal Medicine

    Hermann Eye Center, University of Texas Medical – (07-01-1991 – 06-31-1994)

      School at Houston Department of Ophthalmology
      Houston, Texas
      Residency in Ophthalmology

    Eye Plastic Surgery Associates – (07-01-1994 – 06-31-1995)

      Dallas, Texas
      Fellowship in Oculoplastics and Orbital Surgery

    Sterling Baker, M.D. – (08-01-1995 – 8-1-1996)

      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
      Rotating Externship and Post Fellowship Training in facial and eyelid laser surgery

    Nicanor Isse, M.D.

      Los Angeles, California
      Rotating Externship and Post Fellowship Training in Endoscopic facial and forehead surgery

    Robert Levine, M.D.

      House Ear Clinic
      Los Angeles, California
      Rotating Externship and Post Fellowship Training in eyelid spring surgery

    Stephen Mulholland, M.D. – (10-2002)

      Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      Rotating Externship and Post Fellowship Training in Facial Injection Technique

    Jules Stein Eye Institute U.C.L.A. – 06-08-2001 – 06-09-2001

      School of Medicine
      Aesthetic Eyelid & Orbital Facial Course

    Patrick Bitter, M.D, Stephen Mulholland, M.D. – (09-08-2001)

      New York, NY
      Advanced training course in photo rejuvenation using: Fotofacial, Wrinklelite, Vasculight, Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Quantum SR and laser treatments.

    Patrick Bitter, M.D. – (02-01-2002)

      Advanced training course using Vasculight, Multilight, Quantum SR, & Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

    Michael F. McGuire, M.D. – (10-23-2003 – 10-24-2003)

      President – American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (A.A.A.A.S.F.)
      Certification course for Medicare Facility Inspector. Inspection of 7 facilities to date.  Recertified, 2008.

    Connie Cassad, M.D. – (07-16-2004 – 07-17-2004)

      Houston, TX
      Advanced training course and certification in Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and laser technology.

    Consultants in Eye & Facial Plastic Surgery – (04-08-2005 – 04-10-2005)

      Beaumont Eye Institute
      Detroit, MI
      Cosmetic forehead, endoscopic and blepharoplasty dissection course.

    John Millard, M.D. – (07-09-2005)

      Denver, CO
      Contour thread skills transfer course.

    University of Tennessee – (03-28-2007 – 4-1-2007)

      Department of Plastic Surgery
      Hilton Head Island, SC
      Latest advances in Facial Aesthetic Surgery.


    Texas State Licensure (#J0077) – (11-30-1991)

    American Board of Ophthalmology Certification – (06-07-1998, Recertified in 2006 until 2018.)

    Fellow in American College of Surgeons – (10-14-1999)

Work Experience

    Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons of Texas, P.A. – (08-01-2000 – Present)

      Houston, Texas
      Private Practice of Marc N. Longo, M.D.
      Specializing in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Ocular and Facial Surgery

    Houston Eye Associates – (08-01-1995 – 07-31-2000)

      Houston, Texas
      Private Practice in Ophthalmology

    Cullen Eye Institute – (11-01-1992 – 02-31-1992)

      Houston, Texas
      Ophthalmic Pathology Rotation with Ramon Font, M. D.

    Louisiana State University Eye Center – (11-01-1989 – 11-31-1989)

      New Orleans, Louisiana
      Medical Retina Rotation with Rudy Franklin, M. D.

    Roberto Paravicini, M.D. Cardiac Surgery – 05-31-1987 – 06-30-1987

      Modena, Italy
      Summer 1987, Elective in Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Professional Memberships

  • Golden Key National Honor Society
  • Betta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
  • America Medical Association
  • Texas Medical Association
  • Texas Ophthalmology Association
  • Harris County Medical Society
  • Who’s Who, 1991
  • Houston Ophthalmological Society – Member of Executive Committee
  • Fellow in American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons


    “Topical Suture Adjustments vs. Post-Operative Adjustments in Strabismus”
    American Orthoptic Journal
    March 1997 with Malcolm Mazow, M.D.

    Book Review:  Photodynamic Therapy: Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology
    Mitchell P. Goldman, M.D.
    American Journal of Ophthalmology, August 2005.

    Book Review:  Botulinum Toxin: Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology
    Alastair Carruthers, M.D. and Jean Carruthers, M.D. American Journal of Ophthalmology, August 2005.

    “Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Arising From Accessory Lacrimal Glands of Wolfring”
    Cullen Eye Institute, Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX
    With Raymond Font, M.D., Maria Del Valle, M.D., and Milton Boniuk, M.D. Association for Research and Vision Ophthalmology, Annual Meeting, May 2007.

    Review of “Correction of Congenital Ptosis by Suspension of the Frontal Muscle Flap Overlapped with Inferior Based Orbital Septum Flap”
    Article in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Research Projects

  • Traumatic Optic Neuropathy: Is NLP Permanent
  • Participant in Traumatic Optic Neuropathy Study with Dr. Rosa Tang
  • Comparison of Techniques of Adult Adjustable Strabismus Surgery with Dr. Malcolm Mazow

Fellows Trained

    Lester Peacock, M.D.
    McAllen, TX
    Trained in Oculoplastic Surgery

    Julie Beth Yelin, M.D.
    Sugarland, TX
    Trained in Oculoplastic Surgery

    Greg Lewen, M. D.
    Houston, TX
    Trained in Oculoplastic Surgery


    Corneal Topography: Past, Present and Future with Clinical Application of the Eyesys.
    Given as Alumni Day Presentation (4/92)
    Resident Lecture. (7/92)

    Ophthalmology in Emergency Medicine: Basic Lecture and Course to Emergency Medicine Residents and Staff, Univ. of Texas Medical School at Houston.
    Annually (1992-1994)

    Ophthalmology in General Medicine: Lecture to Baylor Univ. Medical Center-Dallas Internal Medicine House Staff.

    Visual Loss in Empty Sella Syndrome
    Alumni Day Presentation (4/93)

    Comparison of Techniques of Adult Adjustable Strabismus Surgery.
    Alumni Day Presentation (4/94)
    Presented at Texas Oph. Assn. Annual Mtg-Austin (5/94)

    Sebaceous Cell Tumors: Various Masquerade Syndromes
    Alumni Day Presentation (4/95)
    Presented at Texas Oph. Assn. Annual Mtg.-Dallas (5/95)

    Basic Science Course Ophthalmology Residents
    University of Texas Medical School at Houston
    Staff Lector in Oculoplastics Section (Annual)

Special Achievements

  • Certified Examiner for Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities and Medicare
  • Primary reviewer of Oculoplastics Publications for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal
  • Harris County Medical  Society Delegate for Ophthalmology
  • Harris County Medical Society Emergency Medical Services Committee
  • Houston Eye Associates Foundation and Board Member
  • Indigent Oculoplastics Service for Marvin Zindler
  • Elected/Served as President of Houston Ophthalmological Society 2005-2006
  • Executive Committee Member of Houston Ophthalmological Society 2000 to 2006
  • Listed as Super Doc multiple times in Texas Monthly
  • Missionary work- Guatemala 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Primary Coordinator and Participant in Project “Salud Visual” Missionary Eye Surgery, Ecuador, with Dr. Richard Ruiz – (1993)
  • Volvo National Tennis League – National Finalist 4.5 Division – (1986)
  • University of Texas at Austin Squash Team – (1984-1986)
  • Intramural Racquetball Finalist – (1985)
  • Saint Thomas Varsity Tennis Team – (4 years)

Awards Received

  • Italian Cultural Community Center Honoree Award – (2007)
  • Alumni Day Residents Award – (1993)
  • Sam and Josephine Russo Award for Best Presentation by a Resident – (1994)
  • Distinguished Alumni Day Award for Best Presentation by an Alumnus-Hermann Eye Center – (1995)
  • Selected as one of the Top Doctors of Houston by the Center for Medical Research Center (an organization monitoring Doctors, Hospitals, and HMO’s to ensure quality of care and ethics) – (2000)

Extracurricular Activities

  • Board Member of The Houston Eye Associates Foundation
  • Resident Representative to Texas Ophthalmology Association Meetings and Hermann Hospital House Staff
  • Participant in lobbying activities for Texas Ophthalmology Assoc. at State Capital
  • Medical School Representative for Interview and Alumni Days
  • Medical School Representative for Recruitment in local high schools
  • Christian Medical and Dental Society – (1986-1988)
  • Treasurer of University of Texas Student Union – (1985)

Community Activities

  • Volunteer AIDS Hospice – (1988)
  • Volunteer at Brackenridge Hospital – (1985)
  • Parishioner and Extraordinary Minister at Saint Michael’s Catholic Church


  • High School and College Medical Spanish

Interest and Activities

  • Overseas Travel
  • Art History
  • Cooking
  • Classical Music


  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Fly-Fishing
  • Sporting Clays and Skeet