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Orbital Implants Houston & Artificial Eyes Houston

Dr. Marc is a “Marvin’s Angel” for donating his services to the Marvin Zindler Foundation.

There are several reasons to remove an eye. These include: severe trauma from injury where an eye cannot be reconstructed, cancer of the eye and failed surgical treatment. All of these can lead to a blind and painful eye, called phthisis bulbi, which is a degenerative disease of the eye. The eye in effect becomes like a bad tooth in that it is non-functional and has become a source of inflammation that can spread to the opposite good eye. In addition, treatment, such as drops or injections around eye are usually only temporary and do not cure the problem.

In removing an eye, the goal is to replace the eye with an implant of sufficient size. A prosthetic device will allow for a good cosmetic and functional result. There are many new porous implants available (see above), which have resulted in a dramatic improvement in the cosmetic and functional use of ocular prosthetics.

We additionally perform eye socket reconstruction to add volume and improve the cosmetic appearance for patients with an existing prosthesis.