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Houston Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Consultation

We recognize that each patient is different and all have specialized needs. During your personal consultation you have an opportunity to express your particular concerns regarding your appearance. A thorough examination and discussion will provide the basis for determining which treatment is best for you. It is important to understand that our goals are achieved together as a result of creating a look that is pleasing to both the patient and the physician.

When considering cosmetic surgery it is important that you have reasonable expectations. Although the majority of patients will achieve a dramatic improvement in appearance, not everyone will be able to grace the cover of Cosmopolitan or GQ magazine. We will simply create the most natural attractive appearance possible while avoiding an artificial or overdone look.

We prefer to have each patient look the best they can considering their age and physical condition. The final result is achieved a few months after surgery.
The benefit of any cosmetic surgery usually lasts 10 -15 years depending on the individual. Our goal is to slow the hands of time and provide a more youthful vibrant appearance.