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Eyelid Lift Surgery Houston

Almost everyone sooner or later will experience what is commonly referred to as drooping of the eyelid. Years of repetitive muscle movement and the effects of aging with the help of gravity, make it next to impossible to avoid. Loose sagging skin around the eyes is the result. Tiny fat pockets within the folds of excess tissue gather over time and add to create the tired baggy look. These fat pockets do not respond to exercise, so the only real solution is excision of the excessive tissue and extraction and sculpting of the fat pockets. Dr. Longo was the first oculoplastic surgeon in Texas to use the Carbon Dioxide laser and has perfected his technique over years and hundreds of procedures. This is truly the physician’s hallmark and his specialty. While other plastic surgeons may accept and perform many different procedures, Dr. Longo remains loyal and focused on surgery of the eyelids and upper face. We do refer other more common general plastic surgery procedures to only the very best in the field.